Established more than 70 years ago! MURAKAMI MANUFACTURING

 Water Gates Technology

A professional group specializing in “flood control” and “water utilization”

As “water engineers” that control water, we develop, design, manufacture, construct, and provide after-sales services for water gates used in flood control and water utilization facilities. By handling all processes in-house, we can provide flexible and high-quality services.

 Monitor the movement of water

Monitor the movement of water

We design and manufacture gates of various shapes, ranging from large gates to small irrigation canals. At present, we have moved beyond the framework of flood control and have introduced products that meet new needs, such as debris-removing equipment and various switching devices using flood control technology.

 To protect people’s lives

To protect people’s lives

We design and manufacture gates and weirs in consideration of their usage in the event of natural disasters such as floods, storm surges, etc.
Murakami’s approach to manufacturing is to always be conscious of protecting the lives and safety of end users.

Examples of products

 Debris collector

> Debris collector

Debris accumulated during pump operation is stopped by a screen, and a rake driven by a chain is continuously rotated to remove the debris and help drain water.
The collection and transportation of debris is made easier through the use of a conveyor.
There are various types to meet all kinds of needs.

 Hydraulic tilting weir

> Hydraulic tilting weir

A hydraulic device is used to control the weir and adjust the water level of the river and channel.
Both electric and manual operation are available, and in the case of a flood, etc., the dam automatically collapses to lower the upstream water level.

 Sluice valve > Sluice valve

 Valve hoisting device > Valve hoisting device

 Cast iron undersluice gate > Cast iron undersluice gate

 Stainless steel undersluice gate > Stainless steel undersluice gate