Established more than 70 years ago! MURAKAMI MANUFACTURING

 Hydraulic Technology

Transmit without wasting power

At Murakami, we carry out the design, assembly, testing, painting, and after-maintenance of various hydraulic cylinders for construction and other machines.
We offer hydraulic cylinders of different sizes and shapes that can be used for both trial and mass production.

Advanced hydraulic control technology

We have reliable technical capabilities and experience with industrial equipment that requires micron-level precision, such as hydraulic cylinders for cranes.
We always bear in mind that we have people’s lives in our hands, even for small parts.

 Thorough quality control

A supplier that meets a wide range of needs

Murakami offers a wide range of heat treatments, surface treatments, and suppliers (production machines) that can handle a variety of materials.
We can flexibly meet a wide variety of needs.

Examples of products

Crane component

Murakami’s hydraulic and other technologies support key components of crane trucks and other machines.

 Slide cylinder > Slide cylinder

 Power tilt cylinder > Power tilt cylinder

 Spring lock cylinder > Spring lock cylinder

 Steering cylinder > Steering cylinder

 Rotary joint > Rotary joint

 Check valve > Check valve

 Hose reel > Hose reel

 Sub hook > Sub hook

 Crane truck

Machine tool parts

Hydraulic equipment must be scalable for complex applications.
Murakami’s processing technology is also on display here.

 Machine tool parts

 Machine tool parts

 Machine tool parts

 Machine tool parts