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About Murakami (Dalian) Trading Corp. Ltd.

About Murakami (Dalian) Trading Corp. Ltd.

Murakami (Dalian) Trading Corp. Ltd. is based in Dalian, China. We are a trading firm specializing in the manufacturing %& sales of various industrial goods for Chinese as well as Japanese companies.We move flexibly and swiftly to support the needs of customers who say "This is the machine/good that I want".

Hydraulic Products

Hydraulic Products

Beginning with our heavy equipment, we manufacture and sell micrometer grade machine tools for hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic equipment, as well as precision instruments, cranes, valves, etc.
We can support various customer requests in regards to material, shape, size, and more.

Metalworking Products

Metalworking Products

We well-equipped to fulfill diverse requests for production equipment that can handle various materials, heat treatment, and surface finishing.
We gladly handle a wide variety of needs related to machining products, sheet metal products, and canmaking welding.

Plant Equipment

Plant Equipment

We can accommodate advanced and diverse needs related to NC lathe, machining centers, welding, and sheet metal processing equipment. Furthermore, we also handle various manufactured goods (safety goods, lighting equipment, trolleys, etc.) that accompany plant equipment.

President's Greetings

Pride in Our Water & Hydraulic Professionals
Pride in Our Water & Hydraulic Professionals

We, as the employees of Murakami, never forget who we are – Water & Hydraulic Professionals. Now, our unique visions and actions, backed by experience and trust, have now led to the development of innovative water-treatment facilities including the hydraulic tilting gate. Our daily R&D, reliable manufacturing, and after-sales services have been highly regarded, leading to our firm's excellent skills becoming widely known both nationally and internationally. However, this is only a passing point.
Priding ourselves as Water & Hydraulic Professionals, and with the trust received from you that we are a value to society, we are pleased to make every effort to be a company capable of appreciating every single day by contributing to society and inspiring people both inside and outside of our company.

Chairman Kohei Murakami

Continuing to Be a
Continuing to Be a "Company Valuable to Society"

Long ago, the image of China was, "prices are low, but the quality is terrible." However currently, product quality has risen considerably.
This is especially true for the Dalian region which has seen a rise of Japanese manufacturing plants since the latter half of the 1980s. So, even if it is a small, local company, many understand Japanese quality.
In Dalian, we strive to be continue to be a company that people say they are proud to have worked with and a company valuable to society. In doing so, I personally lead the company at the forefront with my 20+ years of experience in the field to never fail to communicate daily with our partner companies, and to continue to deliver high quality products to our customers. As a company valuable to society, we aim to continue to be a company that also contributes back to society.

General Manager BAJIN BAO

Products Handled

Product Manufacturing & Sales to Meet the Needs of our Customers

We handle the manufacture and sales of industrial machinery and various items which accompany them per our customers' needs. Here are some of our manufacturing achievements and main products that we handle.

Cargo Frame> Cargo Frame

Special Pallets> Special Pallets

Metalworking Products> Metalworking Products

Sheet metal Parts> Sheet metal Parts

Heavy Equipment Parts> Heavy Equipment Parts

Hydraulic Cylinders> Hydraulic Cylinders

LED Lighting> LED Lighting

Safety Goods> Safety Goods

Hand Trucks, etc.> Hand Trucks, etc.

Company Profile

Company Profile
Company Name Murakami (Dalian) Trading Corp. Ltd.
Established April 1, 2013
Capital 70,000,000 yen
Address 106 Jinma Road, A911 Dalian Economic and Technological Development Zone Magic Mansion
Chairman Kohei Murakami
General Manager Bajin Bao
Main Products Heavy Equipment, Automobile- related, Food Machinery, and General Metalworking
Main Business Partners Tadano Ilec Co., Ltd.
Murakami Seisakusho Co., Ltd.
Kurita Water Industries (Dalian) Co., Ltd.
Paul Wurth IHI Co., Ltd.
Furukawa Industrial Machinery Systems Co., Ltd. etc.