Established more than 70 years ago! MURAKAMI MANUFACTURING

 About Us and Corporate History

Corporate Profile

Company representative Kohei Murakami, President
Capital 40 million Japanese yen
Established April 1946
Description of business Automatic weirs, water gates, debris collectors, water-treatment facilities, and hydraulic equipment related to construction machines and machine tools
Design, manufacture and installation of environmental equipment, other general industrial equipment, printers, rewinding equipment and slitter equipment

Head Office/Takamatsu Plant [Water Gates Technology and Industrial Equipment]

Location 297-1 Shindencho-kou, Takamatsu-city, Kagawa, 761-0102, Japan
TEL +81-87-841-4181 (main)
FAX ■Sales Department for Steel Structures Water gates, gates and debris collectors FAX: +81-87-841-4186
■Sales Department for Equipment Environmental equipment, general industrial equipment and printers FAX: +81-87-841-4210
Plant Summary Plant site area: 6,300 m2, Plant building area: 3,800 m2, Office building area: 960 m2
Major Products Water gates, hoisting devices, sluice valves and debris collectors, environmental equipment (sludge dehydrator for recycling center facilities) and
various types of general industrial equipment, rewinding testers for gravure printing
Major Clients [Water Gates Technology]
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Kagawa Prefecture, Ehime Prefecture, Kochi Prefecture, Tokushima Prefecture (in random order)
[Industrial Equipment]
Kurita Water Industries Ltd., KURITAZ Co., Ltd., OSAKA N・E・D・MACHINERY CORP, TANABE CORPORATION (in random order)
 Head Office/Takamatsu Plant [Water Gates Technology and Industrial Equipment]

Nagao Plant [Hydraulic Technology]

Location 538-1 Zoutanomada, Sanuki-city, Kagawa, 769-2313, Japan
TEL +81-879-52-6100 (main)
FAX +81-879-52-2130
Plant Summary Total area: 118,874 m2, Plant site area: 45,156 m2, Plant building area: 17,706 m2, Office building area: 1,535 m2
Major Products Hydraulic cylinders
Major Clients TADANO LTD., KITAGAWA IRON WORKS CO., LTD., Kyokuto Kaihatsu Kikai Kogyo Co., Ltd., Hitachi, Ltd. (in random order)
 Nagao Plant Summary [Hydraulic Technology]

Corporate History

April 1946 Established Murakami Tekkosho (310, Imazatocho, Takamatsu-shi, Kagawa). Launched business as a manufacturer of small marine oil engines.
1950 Started manufacturing small marine diesel engines.
1955 Constructed a new plant to start manufacturing hydraulic cylinders/equipment and water gates.
October 1969 Reorganized to MURAKAMI MANUFACTURING CO., LTD.
November Relocated the new plant to 297-1, Shindenchoko, Takamatsu-shi, Kagawa.
November Introduced the NC automatic control lathe for Shikoku Unit 1. (Yamazaki Mazak)
April 1977 Produced revolving hydraulic cylinders for machine tools (Kitagawa Corporation).
March 1989 Increased our capital stock to 40 million Japanese yen.
May 1991 Established a new plant (Nagao Plant) at 538-1, Zotanomada, Nagao-cho, Okawa-gun (currently Sanuki City), Kagawa.
1997 Rebuilt Takamatsu Plant (new plant). (Started manufacturing rewinding equipment and slitters)
2000 Takamatsu Plant ISO 9001 certified.
2008 Introduced friction welding machine (NITTO SEIKI CO., LTD.)
September 2009 Kohei Murakami assumed the post of President.
2013 Installed solar panels on the roof of the Nagao Plant and started power sales business.
2018 Takamatsu Plant ISO 14001 certified.